DMIx is developed with the help of the following companies and institutions:

DMIx the standard

DMIx offers a solution in the important areas of colour communication and production processes. In both areas, the DMIx certification ensures that both the communication between the customer and the supplier is standardised as well as the production process - up to the desired product. Possible limits in production are taken into consideration from the start.


Multi-spectral pictures consist of a spectrum of approx. 370 - 750 nanometres per pixel in a variable sampling rate. According to this, a spectrum represents a pixel and the colour resulting thereof, independent of the source of light or observer angle. The spectral information of a colour is currently the most exact form of the description. The term DMIx represents a system to record, digitally replace multi-spectral (spectral) picture information and to make it viewable.


DMIx sets the quality standard which is simplified in a procedural networking of users. The high degree of complexity on the topic of colour reproduction is projected to a symbol - at that same, it ensures that the desired quality requirements are met. A fast exchange of information in a visual way, which had never been reached, makes it possible for the users to save time and materials.


DMIx verifies the solution and makes them transparent which supports colour communication according to the definition.


With the ColorDigital software and platform, each user is given a free entry into the multi-spectral colour communication. Hardware and software with the DMIx certified seal which are available on the free market can be combined with one another without hesitation. In this way, the way in which the DMIx process was illustrated is qualitatively examined with the granting of the seal and if publicly accessible on the platform.


Even the process for colour communication implemented in the company can be quality-assured with the DMIx certified seal and be communicated via the platform. This quickly shows whether customers and employers can exchange information via DMIx in order to use the advantage of fast, qualitative colour communication for themselves.


The basis for the DMIx process always forms the multi-spectral and/or spectral basis of colour communication. This is the only way in which the maximum quality of colour reproduction can be reached.